Solo & Ensemble Resources

Date:Saturday, May 20, 2017
Deadline:Wednesday, April 26, 2017 @ 5PM
Site:Rhode Island College (directions)
Fee:$15 per SOLO, per event
 $30 per ENSEMBLE, regardless of size

Late students can be registered on-site (by a RIMEA member) in the Sapinsley Hall Lobbyfor a fee of $25 (solo) and $40 (ensemble).

Musical Selections:
All music performed at the Solo & Ensemble Festival must be listed in one of the sanctioned music lists, listed below. Each piece is graded by the level of difficulty.

Difficulty Level:
If you need to, please make a "best guess" as to the level at which your student(s) will be playing. It is acceptable if an occasional student changes his/her mind after registration and performs at a different level the day of the festival.

Selection(s) to be performed should conform to these time limitations*:

  • Levels 1-4 (B and C on Wisconsin, 2 & 3 on Texas) are 6 minute slots
  • Levels 5-6 (A on Wisconsin, 1 on Texas) are 8 minute slots
*For the several years, in order for students playing a level 5 or 6 (or Level A-Wisconsin list, or Level 1-Texas) selection to receive a "superior" rating, they needed to perform with accompaniment. Students no longer need an accompanist for a level 5 or 6 piece in order to receive a superior rating. However, in order to be considered for a performance in the RIMEA/RIAAE Honors Recital, students must provide live accompaniment or Smart Music, or some other recorded accompaniment, at the Solo & Ensemble audition. If nominated, there must be live accompaniment at the Recital. (This policy does not apply to pieces written as unaccompanied solos.)

Sanctioned Music Lists: