All-State Audition Material Changes

  • October 19 - For Junior and Senior All-State Jazz Drums, the proper name of the book is now Jazz Conception: Drums, 21 Complete Transcriptions as Played by Kenny Washington + 21 Lead Sheets by Jim Snidero rather than Jazz Conception: 21 Etudes for Jazz Phrasing, Interpretation, and Improvisation for Drums by Jim Snidero.
  • September 4 - The 2020/21 school year has begun like no other in memory: some students will be attending school in-person, others will be doing distance learning. Many ensembles will not be meeting as they have in the past. As a result, for the 2020/21 school year, students do NOT have to be current members of their school performing ensemble to be eligible to audition for All-State. WE EXPECT THE NORMAL ALL-STATE ELIGIBILITY RULE TO RETURN FOR 2021/22.
  • August 27 - All-State auditions will be done ONLINE this year. SPECIFIC audition requirements (which scales/measures, etc.) to be posted on November 14th. Audition video submission window for students will be November 14-21.
  • August 27 - For ALL All-State auditions, sight reading (including tonal memory for voice) will NOT be a part of the 2020 video audition process.
  • August 27 - There will be NO timpani auditions in 2020. In addition, there will be NO auxiliary percussion auditions.
  • August 27 - To accommodate mallet players that may be auditioning from home, the SENIOR mallet piece has be changed to "Fundamental Studies for Mallets, p. 35" ...the SAME piece as this year's JUNIOR mallet piece. This is simply because the entire Junior piece can be played on a standard two-and-a-half octave bell set. If you have access to a marimba, vibraphone, etc. that is ideal, but RIMEA recognizes that may not be possible for some students that are doing distance learning.
  • August 18 - the corrected IMSLP number for the SENIOR viola audition piece is 131615
  • August 4 - COMPLETE 2020/21 audition requirements posted