All-State Audition Material Changes

  • September 1 - BOTH JUNIOR and SENIOR All-State Guitar pieces; students need to prepare all three parts.
  • August 19 - SENIOR Snare Drum Etude had and error. Errata: At measure 22, the tempo should be QUARTER-note = 72bpm, not half-note
  • August 17 - Senior Jazz Piano, the song "Autumn" is track 13 (not 15); Senior Jazz Drums the song "Autumn" is also track 13, page 19 (not 15 or 16) and the transcription pages are on pp. 52-53.
  • August 5 - Complete All-State Audition requirements for 2017/18 posted. All-State percussion audition requirements have been updated from the orginal four-year list: snare drums have a new Etude (Forsthoff), and snare, mallets and timpani are ALL required to play the Auxiliary Percussion Etude.