All-State Audition Schedule - 11/18/2017

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Phillips, Dorene Stitch, Daniel Winds-Clarinet-Bb Portsmouth MS BH201 8:30 AM
Beliveau, Bridget Porter, Jaylyn Winds-Flute John F. Deering MS BH202 8:30 AM
Silveira, Toni-Annette Gibbs, Alyssa Winds-Flute North Kingstown HS BH203 8:30 AM
Gleason, Shawna Silveria, Charlotte Vocal-Alto Portsmouth HS FH101 8:30 AM
Gleason, Shawna Aguiar, Bryana Vocal-Alto Portsmouth HS FH102 8:30 AM
Reynolds, Christy Gedeon, Anna Vocal-Soprano Home Schooled FH103 8:30 AM
Gleason, Shawna Gibson, Anabelle Vocal-Soprano Portsmouth HS FH104 8:30 AM
Favali, Dalen Wheeler, Kayley Vocal-Soprano Burrillville HS FH105 8:30 AM
Gleason, Shawna Shapiro, Paige Vocal-Alto Portsmouth HS FH114 8:30 AM
Soares, Jacqueline Bowden, Dylan Vocal-Bass Pilgrim HS FH201 8:30 AM
McIntosh, Fiona Daniels, Korina Vocal-Alto John F. Deering MS FH203 8:30 AM
Hodgin, Susan Gibbs, Leenah Vocal-Alto Gordon School FH204 8:30 AM
McIntosh, Fiona Carlson, Kayla Vocal-Soprano John F. Deering MS FH205 8:30 AM
Gleason, Shawna McNeilly, Ryan Vocal-Soprano Portsmouth HS FH206 8:30 AM
McIntosh, Fiona Petrangelo, Sarah Vocal-Soprano John F. Deering MS FH207 8:30 AM
Pisaturo, Frank Del Santo, Joey Vocal-Bass Scituate HS FH208 8:30 AM
Beliveau, Bridget Giguere, Ava Winds-Trumpet John F. Deering MS G11 8:30 AM
Hughes, Barbara O`Neill, Aidan Jazz-Trombone Barrington HS G13 8:30 AM
Favali, Dalen Lussier, Alexander Winds-Trombone Burrillville HS G14 8:30 AM
Lambert, Christopher Januario, Nicholas Winds-Trombone Mt. Hope HS G15 8:30 AM
Favali, Dalen Plouffe, Marie Winds-Trumpet Burrillville HS G18 8:30 AM
Rivard, Jason Naylor, Jamison Winds-Bassoon Scituate HS MH100* 8:30 AM
Rausch, Ted Duarte, Adrianna Winds-Clarinet-Bb Portsmouth HS MH108A 8:30 AM
Beliveau, Bridget Burke, Jessica Winds-Clarinet-Bass John F. Deering MS MH110* 8:30 AM
Bernstein, Alan Mole, Grace Strings-Violin Barrington MS MH200 8:30 AM
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Please note the following:
  • Additional students may be registered on-site at Moses Brown (by a RIMEA member) in the band room in Ross House, Lower Level, Room B002, for a fee of $25. (Earlier is best if you plan to register on-site.)
  • Due to numbers and/or scheduling requests, the following rooms are morning-only: ALL Jazz band auditions EXCEPT for Senior Jazz Brass, Junior and Senior bassoon/oboe/bass clarinet; Junior euphonium/baritone/French horn; Junior Snare Drum, and Junior and Senior Mallets/Timpani
  • NO PHOTOCOPIED MUSIC is allowed at any RIMEA festival. Printed copies of CPDL pieces are just fine.
  • To help allow rooms to remain on schedule, please plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled audition time (when possible) with your adjudication form ready (with info on top pre-filled).
  • Drums and percussion equipment will be provided in the audition rooms.
  • Jazz Guitar and Jazz Bass, an amplifier will be provided, but please bring your own 1/4 inch instrument cable.
  • There will be a footstool provided in the CLASSICAL guitar room.
  • For everyone's safety and comfort, parents are not allowed in audition rooms, certain hallways and Lower School.
  • Headquarters (RIMEA members only) - Ross House, Lower Level Room B002, Band Room
  • Hospitality Center - Lower Dwares
  • Information Tables - 1 at the entrance of Ross House and 1 at the entrance to Middle House
  • Vocal Warm-up - Upper Dwares
  • Brass Warm-up - Waughtel-Howe Field House
  • Percussion Warm-up - Waughtel-Howe Field House
  • Strings Warm-up - Sinclair Room
  • Woodwinds Warm-up - Sinclair Room
  • Moses Brown campus map and driving directions