All-State Audition Schedule - 11/23/2019

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Blanchette, Marc Marcoux, Olivia Winds-Saxophone-Tenor Mount St. Charles Academy MH317 12:07 PM
Silva, Marisa Moniz, Martim Winds-Saxophone-Alto East Providence HS MH317 12:14 PM
Kiley, Peter Sulyma, Alexander Winds-Saxophone-Alto Winman MS MH317 12:21 PM
Maker, William Lemme, Petros Winds-Saxophone-Alto Vincent J. Gallagher MS MH317 1:30 PM
Arsenault, Gregory Heard, Theodore Winds-Saxophone-Baritone Cranston HS East MH317 1:37 PM
Johnson, Charles Boyd, Jackson Winds-Saxophone-Alto Chariho HS MH317 1:44 PM
Feroce, Michael Foss, Mason Winds-Saxophone-Alto Cumberland HS MH317 1:51 PM
Bienkiewicz, Dail Yehiya, Rahul Winds-Saxophone-Alto Barrington MS MH317 1:58 PM
Regoli, David Bryson, William Winds-Saxophone-Alto Chariho MS MH317 2:05 PM
Lamoureux, Ron El Hage, Willson Winds-Saxophone-Alto Johnston Senior HS MH317 2:12 PM
McNamara, John D`Agostino, Gian Winds-Saxophone-Alto Rocky Hill School MH317 2:19 PM
Costa, Samuel Octeau, Wyatt Winds-Saxophone-Alto Ponaganset MS MH317 2:26 PM
Costa, Samuel Dixon, Liam Winds-Saxophone-Baritone Ponaganset MS MH317 2:40 PM
Costa, Samuel Demello, Preston Winds-Saxophone-Tenor Ponaganset MS MH317 2:47 PM
Toro, Stephen Russell, Leland Winds-Saxophone-Alto Moses Brown School MH317 2:54 PM
Toro, Stephen Wu, Eric Winds-Saxophone-Tenor Moses Brown School MH317 3:01 PM
Casale, Thomas Ramos-Lopez, Jose Winds-Saxophone-Alto Lincoln MS MH317 3:15 PM
Bergeron, David McCrillis, Molly Winds-Saxophone-Alto Nicholas A. Ferri MS MH317 3:22 PM
Bienkiewicz, Dail Higbie, Noah Winds-Saxophone-Alto Barrington MS MH317 3:29 PM
Charest, Gregg Rae, Andrew Percussion-Timpani Exeter-WG Jr/Sr HS RH111* 8:58 AM
Maguire, Mark Kramer, Joseph Percussion-Timpani Riverside MS RH111* 9:33 AM
Charest, Gregg Beck, Morgan Percussion-Timpani Exeter-WG Jr/Sr HS RH111* 9:40 AM
Levesque, Brandon Kader, Kareem Percussion-Timpani Archie R. Cole MS RH111* 10:01 AM
Colozzi, Mark Martin, Jonathan Percussion-Timpani Bishop Hendricken HS RH111* 10:15 AM
Enos, David Dupre, Myles Percussion-Timpani Lincoln HS RH111* 10:22 AM
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Please note the following:
  • Students should report directly to their scheduled room, 15 minutes before their assigned time (when possible); there is no need to "check in" if they know where they are going.
  • Students should carry in their ALL-STATE ADJUDICATION FORM. Be sure the student has the correct form and that all information has been completed correctly. HINT: if you download the PDF forms (rather than open them in your browser), you can type in them before you print them. Incorrect or missing information of the adjudication form only delays the performance and causes judges to fall behind on their schedules.
  • Additional students may be registered on-site at Moses Brown (by a RIMEA member) in the band room in Ross House, Lower Level, Room B002, for a fee of $30. (Earlier is best if you plan to register on-site.)
  • Due to numbers and/or scheduling requests, the following rooms are morning-only: ALL Jazz band auditions EXCEPT for Senior Jazz Sax and Senior Jazz Piano/Guitar/Bass, Senior bassoon/oboe/bass clarinet; Junior euphonium/baritone/French horn; Junior and Senior Trombone/Tuba, Junior Clarinet, Junior and Senior Snare Drum, Junior and Senior Mallets/Timpani, Junior and Senior Viola and Senior Cello/Double Bass
  • NO PHOTOCOPIED MUSIC is allowed at any RIMEA festival. (The rare exception would be a piece that is back ordered and did not arrive in time AND the student can produce a proof of purchase). Printed copies of CPDL pieces are just fine.
  • Drums and percussion equipment will be provided in the audition rooms.
  • Jazz Guitar and Jazz Bass, an amplifier and 1/4 inch instrument cable will be provided.
  • There will be a footstool provided in the CLASSICAL guitar room.
  • For everyone's safety and comfort, parents are not allowed in audition rooms, certain hallways and Lower School.
  • Headquarters (RIMEA members only) - Ross House, Lower Level Room B002, Band Room
  • Hospitality Center - Lower Dwares
  • Information Tables - 1 at the entrance of Ross House and 1 at the entrance to Middle House
  • Vocal Warm-up - Upper Dwares
  • Brass Warm-up - Waughtel-Howe Field House
  • Percussion Warm-up - Waughtel-Howe Field House
  • Woodwinds Warm-up - Waughtel-Howe Field House
  • Strings Warm-up - Sinclair Room