Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: How do I register my son/daughter for All-State/Solo & Ensemble?

A1:  All students must be sponsored by a RIMEA member. Any member can sponsor your child, most typically the sponsor is your child's school music teacher or private instructor. In addition, there are specific requirements regarding All-State eligibility.

Q2: How can I check my membership status or change my address?

A2:  NAfME (formally NAfME) member services can answer and help you with any membership questions. Visit the NAfME Member Services website or call 1-800-336-3768. If you want to change a mailing address, email or a phone number you can use the form here.

Q3: How do I sign-up/opt-out/change my address for the RIMEA listserv?

A3:  You sign-up/opt-out oe change your status here.

Q4: I'm having trouble with my password... help?

A4:  Nine out of ten times the solution is simple... don't use any capital letters at all If that doesn't help, be sure that you are using your complete NAfME number (as printed on your membership card), and your first name with no CAPS. If you're still having problems... then e-mail Wayne for help. Member profiles are now updated every month. If your membership is more than 2 months delinquent, you're profile may have been removed.

Q5: How do I join RIMEA?

A5:  Active RIMEA membership is open to all persons engaged in music teaching and any retired member wishing to attain active membership status in Rhode Island. When you join NAfME and choose Rhode Island as your state affiliation, you are automatically enrolled in RIMEA. You must join NAfME to join RIMEA. Currently, enrollment is $136 per year for a fully active membership.

Q6: How do I remove a job listing?

A6:  Posting will be removed on the expiration date provided. If you need to, e-mail Wayne if you need something taken down sooner. If no expiration date was provided, listings that are 3 months olds will be taken down automatically.

Q7: If I do my festival application online, why do I have to bother printing it and sending it in?

A7:  If you also pay online, there is no need to mail in the form. (With the exception of contracts; these must be signed and snail-mailed.

Q8: Why can't I access the Member Handbook?

A8:  The Member Handbook includes some home addresses and telephone numbers that we'd rather not make public. In short, the Member Handbook is for RIMEA members.