COVID Guidance Updates


RIMEA's Advoacy Task Force has published a Return To Music Fall 2021 Resource Guide for Teachers/Staff/Administrators/Families. It has been shared with both RIDE and RIDOH and they indicated that it aligns with their guidance for schools.

MAY 2021 - RIDE/RIDOH Update

RIDE and the RIDOH have updated their COVID safety guidelines once again. See pages 5 and 6 for the specifics for music. Note that to get the full picture, you need to refer to the Executive Orders and the Safe Activities Regulations.

The new guidleines appear to be saying:

  • You can perform (sing/play instruments) INDOORS unmasked with 6 feet of seperation, 3 feet if masked
  • You can perform (sing/play instruments) OUTDOORS unmasked with 3 feet of seperation
  • Still a limitation of 30 minutes of continuous music making
  • All the hygiene items still apply (no sharing instruments, etc.)


Students across Rhode Island will now have more access to music education and music ensembles after the RI Department of Education (RIDE) issued updated guidance this week.

RIMEA extends its thanks to the students, teachers and parents that spoke out about the need for music education and performance.

These activities are vital for the education and well-being of thousands of students. Based on a survey by RIMEA this winter, we saw a staggering 70% reduction from last year when there were over 25,000 playing music! Music and the other arts, are currently the most prevalent academic subjects that people, and children in particular, are turning to, in order to ease stress, find comfort, and express feelings during this challenging time.

We appreciate RIDE and RIDOH incorporating RIMEA's feedback and suggestions into the development of their guidance.

Pages 21 and 22 have the specifics for music.