Solo & Ensemble Schedule - 5/21/2022

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Zabinski, Rebekah Sophia Morrison Vocal-Soprano Esther Zabinski 115* 10:18 AM
Boyle, Virginia Sophia Virgadamo Guitar NA 122* 9:06 AM
Zabinski, Rebekah Benjamin Giller Guitar NA 122* 9:40 AM
Boyle, Virginia Joaquim Sobreiro Guitar NA 122* 9:00 AM
Boyle, Virginia Zelda Hayes Guitar NA 122* 9:12 AM
Drew, Eric Leo Singer Guitar NA 122* 10:00 AM
Boyle, Virginia Hannah deJesus Guitar NA 122* 9:18 AM
Montanaro, Arthur Erik Lee Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 9:50 AM
Vantine, Stefanie Lee Marco Ormonde Percussion-Multiple Percussion NA 127* 11:06 AM
Beaudoin, Wilfred William Istok Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 11:30 AM
Drew, Eric Henry Totten Misc. Percussion NA 127* 12:00 PM
Enos, David Carleton Fisher Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 9:28 AM
Lucini, Danielle Christian Ortiz Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 10:14 AM
Montanaro, Arthur Aidan Royal Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 9:58 AM
Enos, David Myles Dupre Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 9:34 AM
Colozzi, Mark Mark Edmunds, David Thieme, Alexander Pinto, Jacek Brown Other-Mixed Instrumental Ensemble NA 127* 9:00 AM
Chilton, Don Jacob Robles Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 9:22 AM
Vantine, Stefanie Lee Emily Burton Percussion-Mallets NA 127* 11:00 AM
Drew, Eric James Wilson Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 12:06 PM
Kauffman, Karyn Jack Charest Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 10:20 AM
Colozzi, Mark Dylan Tupaz Percussion-Mallets NA 127* 9:08 AM
Reynolds, Daniel Michael Preiss Percussion-Snare Drum NA 127* 10:40 AM
Montanaro, Arthur Erik Lee Percussion-Mallets NA 127* 9:42 AM
Todd, Caroline Madelynn Walsh Piano NA 132 11:24 AM
Todd, Caroline Max Balmforth Piano NA 132 11:30 AM
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Please note the following:
  • Due to numbers and scheduling requests, the following instruments are "morning-only": bassoon/oboe, all brass, guitar, percussion
  • Students should report directly to their scheduled room, 15 minutes before their assigned time (when possible); there is no need to "check in" if they know where they are going.
  • All students participating must be on the schedule. The judges will be using their lists to confirm student registration. Any student not on the list must have a registration confirmation in order to participate which can be obtained from the entrance main lobby the day of the festival. Students that wish to register on-site must be registered by a RIMEA member, for a fee of $30 (solos) and $50 (ensembles).
  • Students must also have the PROPER SOLO & ENSEMBLE ADJUDICATION FORM with them. Be sure the student has the correct form and that all information has been completed correctly. (HINT: if you download the PDF forms (rather than open them in your browser), you can type in them before you print them.) Incorrect or missing information of the adjudication form only delays the performance and causes judges to fall behind on their schedules.
  • All students participating MUST HAVE A SINGLE ORIGINAL COPY of their piece. Students without an ORIGINAL COPY will not be allowed to perform. If an ORIGINAL COPY is no longer available, or was ordered and did not arrive on time, a letter/receipt from the publisher or music dealer confirming this fact must be attached to the photocopy. A temporary copy can be made for the student to play from (give the adjudicator the original) but it must be destroyed after the festival.
  • Sponsors/students are responsible for finding their own accompanist, if accompaniment is desired. RIMEA does maintain a database of accompanists that sponsor can access.
  • Any students using a CD/MP3 accompaniment will need to CARRY IN THEIR OWN CD/MP3 PLAYERS/SPEAKERS.
  • Percussion room 127 will contain a marimba, xylophone, vibes, bells, chimes, bass drum, snare drum, 4 toms, 4 timpani, drum set, sus cymbal and crash cymbal.
  • Once finished playing, the adjudicator will hand the student their completed adjudication form. If a student receives a rating of "Excellent" or "Superior", they should take the form to the entrance main lobby to receive a medal.
  • Students are expected to behave properly the entire time they are on the Ponaganset HS campus. Unruly students will not be allowed to perform.