Solo & Ensemble Festival

May 15 - May 22, 2021
Friday, April 16, 2021
$20 per SOLO, per event
$40 per ENSEMBLE, regardless of size
submitted via video (directions)
  • Students will receive their results via e-mail during the final week of May.
  • Student medals will be made avaialbale to sponsoring teachers in June.

What is Solo & Ensemble?
  • Solo & Ensemble is just what it sounds like... an event where students and other musicians get together and perform either in ensembles, or as a soloist, sometimes with a piano accompanist.
  • Solo & Ensemble is open to students from elementary through high school.
  • This event is, in some ways, similar to an audition, and in some ways is similar to a concert. Participants play in a room in front of a judge, and are given a performance rating - however, unlike All-State, they are not compared to others, but are given a rating based on their individual performance.
  • Medals are awarded for rating of "Superior" or "Excellent". Students that are exceptional may be invited to play at the Honors Recital in June... see details below.

VIRTUAL Festival:
Musical Selections:
  • All music performed at the Solo & Ensemble Festival must be listed in one of the sanctioned music lists, listed below. Each piece is graded by the level of difficulty.
  • Since pre-registration ends weeks before the festival, if you need to, please make a "best guess" as to the level at which your student(s) will be playing. It is acceptable if an occasional student changes his/her mind after registration and performs at a different level when the video is submitted.
  • All students participating MUST HAVE A SINGLE ORIGINAL COPY of their piece. If an ORIGINAL COPY is no longer available, or was ordered and did not arrive on time, a letter/receipt from the publisher or music dealer confirming this fact must be attached to the photocopy.

Selection(s) to be performed time limitations:
  • Normally, students are alloted between 6-8 minutes, but because the festival is VIRTUAL this year, there are no real time limitations. That being said, pieces should not be unreasonably long, and the videos should not have any edits.

Honors Recital:
  • To be nominated to audition as a soloist for the Honors Recital students must play a Level 6 piece (or WI or TX equivalent) with live or Smart Music accompaniment, receive a score of 33-35, and be deemed "Concert Ready". (This policy does not apply to pieces written as unaccompanied solos.)
  • Ensembles must receive a score of 33-35 for a grade 5 or 6 piece (or WI or TX equivalent) and also be deemed "Concert Ready".
  • The term "Concert Ready" means the performance, as heard by the adjudicator, would be acceptable as if it were being performed in a live concert recital.
  • If a student is deemed "Concert Ready" at Solo & Ensembles, to audition for, and, if selected, to perform in the Honors Recital, FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, RECORDED or SMART MUSIC ACCOMPANIMENT IS ALLOWED at the Honors Recital itself. (This policy does not apply to pieces written as unaccompanied solos.)
  • All decisions concerning the Honors Recital will be made by the Honors Recital Chairpersons.

Sanctioned Music Lists:
Other Resources: